This is a story about dreaming, friendship, sacrifice, caring and creation. No matter who you are or where you live, you should dare to dream. Be brave and your dream will come true,  you can ask for help if you need to.
It is a special world, in which birds swim in the water, octopuses fly in clouds of waves and clouds swim through the forest of seaweed.
Octopus was dreaming about life in the City of Birds. She’d spent her whole life in the watery seaweed forest and it made her unhappy, she wanted to find a way to get to the city of her dreams. Then, one day, during a terrible storm, she noticed a poor bird falling from the clouds of waves.
The bird was trapped and tangled in the seaweed, he couldn't move and was very scared.  Octopus caught hold of him and freed him, but the bird was exhausted and weak. Octopus took care of him while he slept for a long time and eventually he awoke.  Octopus knew the bird could not stay in the seaweed forest, so he went to Lady of Silence for help. She was a mysterious girl living in a world made of her own hair. Lady of Silence was helpful and kind, she blew on the bird sending him up and up, to the clouds, where he flew away.
Octopus was alone again, feeling sorrow and sadness. But, the Bird did not forget, he came back to Octopus with his bird brothers. They surrounded Octopus and flew with him, higher and higher, to the clouds. They flew to the City of Birds. 
Octopus' dream had come true, she had her own house in the city of her dreams and the birds were her friends forever.

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